Free Comic Book Day 2019 Part Three: To All the Shops I knew before…

Happy Free Comic Book Day!!!  I hope that it’s been great!!!

In 1984, my Family was moving back to Columbia, SC, after two years in Little Rock.  My Father had accepted the Presidency at Allen University, and while we were getting settled, we stayed at the hotel on the corner of Main and Elmwood.  I’m not sure how I ended up finding it, but I can describe the utter Fanboy joy, when I did.

Almost directly across the street, at 1930 Main Street, was an almost two-story painting of the Amazing Spider-Man.  Directly underneath was a sign that said, ‘Nuff Said Comics.  And I knew that I was home, for good.

I spent many Saturdays biking up to ‘Nuff Said, and a good bit of time in Manifest Records, right next door.  I don’t remember exactly when I got the word that ‘Nuff Said was moving to Boozer Shopping Center (and ended up right next door to Manifest again.  How cool was that?), and that it had either been bought by or was changing its name to Heroes and Dragons.  But, that shop, with the giant Spider-Man painting on the building would be gone, soon.

A while ago, I wrote about my feelings on Silver City.  I clearly remember the day I came in and Ms. Angela pointed towards the sign that they would be closing.  I feel some sorta’ way every time I pass the building, with the Silver City sign and decals, still present, but the building clearly empty.  They always said, “Reality Stops Here,” and know I’m reminded of the reality that it’s gone.

All of this has made me remember that there have been a lot of other Shops that have come and gone in the Midlands, over the years.  So, to finish up Free Comic Book Day, if you’ll indulge me, here’s to all the Shops I knew before.  Thank you, for your presence and service to the Fanboys and Fanboys in the Midlands.


In Memoriam:


Silver City, on Knox Abbott Drive, in Cayce.

‘Nuff Said, on Main Street, in Columbia.

Silver City, Too, on Forest Drive, in Columbia (and whatever the name changed to on Meeting Street, in West Columbia).

Kel-Rin Komics, on Hard Scrabble Road, in Columbia.

Acme Comics & Records, on State Street, in West Columbia.


Gamma Comics, on Two Notch Road, in Columbia (and in Sumter).


Punk Monkey Comics, on Forest Drive, in Columbia.

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 7.04.47 PM

Apocalypse Comics, in Harbison, in Columbia (and Myrtle Beach, too).


Comic Nirvana, in Lexington.

(For a brief time, there was a shop on Devine, a couple of doors down from where Cosmic Ray’s was.  I cannot remember the name…)


Did I miss any?


… and what happened to that giant Spider-Man painting?


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