Free Comic Book Day 2019 Part Two: Silver City, in Memoriam

Happy Free Comic Book Day, again!!!


In the spirit of transparency, it’s taken a year-and-a-half to write this, because I haven’t been able to reconcile that MY LCS isn’t there anymore.  Silver City closed on Saturday, December 2, 2017, after serving the Midlands Comics Community for more than fifty years.  I, like so many other Fan Peeps that I know, really grew up with that Shop.


As I recounted to the ladies, as that day grew closer, I have tons of memories.


In 1988, while I was laid up and sick, my Mother graciously agreed to take a list of books to Silver City and pick them up for me. I had underlined one, in particular, and wrote, “important” by the title.  When my mother returned, she mentioned that the Lady at the counter had actually sold out, but pulled one out of reserve for me, since I was under the weather. Action Comics #600 has always meant a bit more to me because of it….


I recalled when they expanded and incorporated the small space, next door, and the Dungeon, for gaming and cards became part of Silver City.

I happily supported Silver City Too, on Forest Drive, for the brief time it was there.


When the Aaro Rental that was on the other side of their building caught fire, I was thankful that Silver City was spared.  But the smell of kerosene and the water damage was a constant reminder of how close we came to losing the Shop, then.


I was gone from Columbia for thirteen years. When I returned, I was dismayed to see that Silver City wasn’t where it was when I left.  I was overjoyed when I discovered it was down Knox Abbott, a piece, in the last original Hardee’s building in the area…


“Deadpool” (Tragic Fanboy, Jr.)

I was able to reconnect, immediately.  I kept a folder at Silver City from that day, until the end.  And more, my Family was welcomed with open arms.  My Wife was congratulated when she went to pick up my folder.  My son volunteered his participation at their Free Comic Book Day events.


Ms. Angela and Ms. Susan

Silver City was a home away from home for many generations of us, for many, many years.  Ms. Ann, Ms. Angela, and Ms. Susan made it so, every time.  I am so appreciative of what you built, and I miss Silver City more than I can say…


Ms. Ann Hart

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